About Breakthrough
Development, Inc.
Breakthrough Technology Development, Inc. was founded by Dr. Stan Prybyla in
March of 2004.  Dr. Prybyla is principal scientist and owner.

Mission:  To provide flexible  technology support to companies, both large and
small, in the pursuit of accelerated development of real-world products.

Dr. Prybyla has 2
8 years of industrial R&D experience and was previously
employed by the Goodrich Corporation.  While with the Goodrich Corporation, he
served in several  management and technical roles and conducted studies in
numerous technical areas.  

Areas of Expertise:
About Us

High temperature composites, including polymer matrix composites,
carbon-carbon composites, and ceramic matrix composites
Nanomaterial and nanocomposite performance optimization
Thermal-mechanical testing and analysis
Advanced processing technology, including chemical vapor deposition,
plasma processing and deposition, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor
Thermosetting materials and processing
Laser material processing
Surfaces, films, and interfaces
Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) optimization
Program and project management
Interacting with government labs, university researchers, and small
businesses; collaboration
Idea generation
Team building
Winning proposal preparation