Services We Provide
Consulting:  When a combination of  specialized expertise and a broad experience
base is needed for idea generation, research planning and execution, or product
development, turn to Breakthrough Technology Development, Inc.

Contract Research:  Need a high quality partner for planning, proposal writing,
and/or program execution?  Need to locate the right  corporate, small business,
government, or university partner? Contact BTD.

Nanotechnology and Nanocomposite Development:  Need help sorting through the
wealth of information that's available today regarding nano?  Want to find a solution
that's right for your development efforts and future products?  BTD has the right
experience mix to meet your needs.

Chemistry, Process, and Manufacturing Optimization:  When product development
never seems to provide the performance needed, or when  field problems show
that your manufacturing process is off course, call BTD.  We have  experience in  
DOE (Design of Experiments) that will deliver solutions to your business!
technology support
Proposal writing
Small business planning
Statistical process and
product optimization
Call or e-mail to discuss your technology needs.  We will meet with you at your
location to discuss mutually beneficial opportunities
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Development, Inc. Services